306 Knocks and Rattles

Knock, knock...What's that noise from under the Peugeot 306? Some owners complain about a knock under their car and the serviceman cannot find it. We have come across a few cars with this mysterious problem. More than likely, it is the rear bolt on the lower control arm has come loose. If left for too long, the whole lower control arm has to be replaced because the bolt snaps. If you have the knock, and are not sure what it is, get your mechanic to check the 17mm location bolts. It is much cheaper to tighten a bolt than to buy a $180 control arm. We've added the bolt check to our servicing inspections.

Another problem in Peugeot 306s is a rattle in the engine. Is yours rattling? It could be slap in the pistons. Some of these cars had replacement piston and liner kits fitted early in their life under warranty because of the noise they made. Some didn't. If your Peugeot 306 is still under warranty, it could be a good idea to get it checked. The noise is more prominent when it is cold.

Peter Portelli

March 2004

Picture of various Peugeots