President's Report - April 2001

Greetings All,

I can still remember loading all my worldly possessions into a 404 sedan and driving off into the sunset in 1978, heading north to Queensland and my first job at James Cook University in Townsville. In those days, driving up the Queensland coast in January was not a really smart thing to do, but I didn't find that out until too late - stranded in floods north of Rockhampton for three days. But that's another story.

Twenty-three years later, moving house (and cars) was not nearly so simple. After seven years in my Florey house it was time to move on. Several trips in a 3 tonne truck, and many trailer loads behind the 405 were required to do the job of moving across town to Farrer. Then in November I will do it all again, hopefully for the last time, when the new house will be ready to move into, complete with four-car garaging (203, 404, 505 and 405 all under the same roof for the first time).

However, every move has a silver lining, and this proved to be no exception, as several long-lost treasures were rediscovered, while many other non-treasures were disposed of at Belconnen tip. And what was the most difficult thing to move? No, not the fridge, or my grandmother's sideboard. The spare 203 wagon rear axle was both heavy and awkward, and an item not conveniently wheeled around on one of those stair-climbing trolleys that are so indispensable in any serious house moving exercise.

In the middle of moving, at the March club meeting, there was vigorous debate in choosing the style of the new club car badge. Democracy prevailed and all choices were put to the good old fashioned 'show-of-hands' vote (no secret ballots or backroom coups for us). We hope to have them available to members in time for the May or June meeting, for a unit cost of around $10 to $12.

For our May 2001 monthly meeting we will be 'stepping out', to gather in the new car showroom at Melrose Peugeot, where sales manager, Brad Evans, is hoping to have a selection of interesting vehicles on display for us. More on that event in the next newsletter.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

Picture of Brad