President's Report - September 2001

Greetings All,

Spring is in the air, and so is the pollen. Owning a black 505, as I do, has definite drawbacks at this time of year - it looks dirty almost as soon as it is washed. Not good news for the car dealers either. Imagine having to clean all those cars, every day. For example, at Melrose Peugeot, on a recent Saturday morning, it was all hands on deck, including sales manager Brad Evans who was spotted, sleeves rolled up, hose in hand, fighting the pollen threat along with a veritable army of helpers.

At the last club meeting our long-awaited club car badges arrived, and were snapped up by eager members. The rectangular badges are stunning, and feature a white rampant lion on a blue background, with the words "Peugeot Association of Canberra" in chrome lettering. At $15 each, they come with attached mounting bolts and nuts, and are surely a must-have for the grilles of all club cars. Contact our treasurer, Glen Bryden to purchase.

Our August club meeting, at the Italo-Australian club, was a mixture of old and new themes. Video coverage of the 1953 Redex Trial was the old theme, and enjoyed by all present, especially as the trial was won by the legendary Ken Tubman in a 203. Eleven 203's were entered, in a total field of some 180 cars, and all eleven finished (last month's Lionising trivia question). Since I own one, I particularly enjoyed seeing occasional glimpses of 203 wagons. The wagons looked like they were support vehicles, rather than actual competitors in the trial but they still had to travel the entire route.

The "new" theme came in the form of new club members, Heidi and Michael Hutchison attending their first club meeting. Welcome to the club! Heidi and Michael are the proud owners of a 206GTi, and are busy spotting all the 206GTis in Canberra. In fact it sounds like they know the daily habits of most of the GTis in Canberra. So, if you own a 206GTi, be warned, big brother (and sister?) are watching you!

505s are 10 to 20 years old now, so it's unusual to see them on used car lots these days. At the time of writing (15th Sept), Melrose Peugeot have a very tidy white 1985 STI automatic on the lot, with about 260K on the odometer. Worth a look, and a haggle, if you are in the market for a good 505. And no, this is not a "cash-for-comment", just a piece of information from one 505 fan to potentially another.

At the other end of the scale, expect to see the much-awaited 307, 607 and 206CC for sale sometime in November, with cars expected to be on display at the Sydney Motor Show in October.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

Picture of Brad


The editor was in Sydney's Surry Hills earlier this month interviewing someone when they suggested a spot of lunch at a nearby restaurant, Fuel. It was just a short stroll away on Crown St - inside the Peugeot on Crown dealership showroom. On the floor were a 306 cabriolet, a 406 Coupe and one or two other Pugs. Not a bad setting for a restaurant - and the food was not only good but quite reasonable too. Well worth a visit.

The front page of the Canberra Times on Saturday 8th September, featured a trio of unlikely scientific heroes. Adrian Gibbs, son Mark, and John Armstrong had just published a new theory on the cause of the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic that killed more than 20 million people. Their genetic research was carried out at the Australian National University(ANU), and published in the prestigious American journal, Science. All fantastic stuff, made even more fantastic by the fact that two of the researchers (Adrian and John) are retired, and Mark had done the initial work while he was unemployed. Mark can often be seen around the ANU campus at the wheel of a battered blue 505 sedan with a distinctive colour-uncoordinated red boot lid. Applause for successful, unpaid, curiosity-driven research, and a great choice of car, of course.