President's Report - July 2002

Greetings All,

I have been on the road again, this time in South Australia, covering about 6,000 km in the first three weeks of July, in a Landcruiser courtesy of my work. First to Adelaide for a scientific conference, then up to the Flinders Ranges for a few days. Next it was up the Oodnadatta track, back down the Stuart Highway to Coober Pedy, across to Marree, up the Strezlecki Track, east through Cameron Corner to Tibooburra, and back home via White Cliffs, Wilcannia, Ivanhoe and Griffith.

The weather, after leaving Adelaide, was glorious - two weeks of nearly cloudless skies, with warm sunny days and cold nights. Good weather always helps when you are camping out, as I was. Hardly a Pug to be seen on the roads north of the Flinders Ranges. A stray 504 heading up the Oodnadatta Track, a 405 Mi16 at the shops in Leigh Creek, and a 505 at a motel in Tibooburra. Instead the roads were infested with endless packs of urban four-wheel drivers doing their outback experience - it was school holidays, after all!

In my absence I hear that the annual club dinner, and French Car Day, were enjoyed by all who participated. My thanks to Peter Rees, Andrew Davies and Mick Garrett for their organisational assistance, to Melrose Peugeot for their participation and support and to Simon from Vintage Cellars for his French wine stall. Next year I promise to be in town!

Last month in this column, I boasted that my 405 and 505, having been serviced by Bill McNamee just before his departure, would remain trouble-free until his return. Alas, almost immediately, the 505 refused to start one morning. A completely dead ignition, but no fuses blown. I rang the NRMA (might as well, I'm a member) and had the car checked out - battery OK, fuses (still) OK, all electrics not wired through the ignition were working fine. Faulty ignition switch diagnosed by the NRMA guy. Strange, I thought - the switch was replaced only two years ago after the lock was damaged by would-be thieves. Still, no worries, I thought. Contacted Richard Adams. Retrieved a new ignition from Bill's garage, and installed it. Interesting result - turned the switch to accessories, and the radio came on. Good start, I thought. Turned the ignition on. Radio went dead, and ignition dead again. Left the car for a few hours and the radio came on again when the ignition was turned to accessories. Turned ignition on, and it died again. And so the cycle repeats. Think I'll leave it until Bill returns!

Last month's club meeting was held in the showroom of Melrose Peugeot. Thanks to Brad Evans and his staff for organising the evening. Special thanks to guest speaker, Mark Fowler, Dealer Business Manager from Sime Darby in Sydney, who gave a very informative and enjoyable talk.

Next month we will revert to our regular haunt at the Italo-Australian Club.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

Picture of Brad


The club has copies of the book "Peugeot. The Australian Story" by Ewan Kennedy for sale at $6.00 per copy. Available from Brad Pillans or Glen Bryden, as well as club meetings. A must for all serious Peugeotphiles.

I don't know if anybody noticed the Peugeot 607 in "Kiss of the Dragon", featured quite prominently and represents the Peugeot family well - good modest stunts, nothing unrealistic, yet quite elegant. The close shots of the Peugeot badge assure you of the marketing intentions behind the scenes.  There is also the 406 in the beginning driven by a roots-reggae cab driver.