President's Report - September 2002

Greetings All,

Having taken maximum points in last two rounds of the World Rally Championship, and with Marcus Gronholm leading the drivers standings, Peugeot could well win both the manufacturers and the drivers championships this year. We have video coverage of both the Finnish and German rallies, which will be shown at this month's club meeting at the Italo-Australian Club.

As I am about to head off into the wide-open outback spaces of Western Australia again, it seems timely to share the rules of car cricket, a game that can be a welcome diversion from the boredom of seemingly endless travel. The rules go something like this:

  1. If you are the driver, then you are the batter.
  2. A run is scored if you wave at the driver of an oncoming car and they wave back. If both the other driver and their passenger wave back, you score two runs.
  3. If you wave, and the other driver does not wave, a wicket is lost.
  4. If the other driver waves, and you do not wave back, a wicket is lost.
  5. If neither you nor the other driver waves, it's a dot ball (no run; no wicket).

Obviously, some roads are "better batting wickets" than others - runs can be scored freely on say the Birdsville Track, because everyone waves at each other out there. At the other end of the spectrum, runs can be pretty hard to come by on say the Kings Highway because waving is not a tradition on such roads. Much banter can also centre on the quality, or otherwise of the "bowling" - runs are easier to score from older drivers towing caravans, or the local cocky in his ute, than from a couple of dinkies or yuppies in a BMW. Also some drivers wave late, or the wave is so minimal as to be difficult to pick up - once again, analogies with cricket abound.

On the local front, I have been liaising with Melrose Peugeot regarding their upcoming spare parts sale, which will be held on a Saturday morning in September (date to be advised). Spare parts manager, Simon Holland is keen to clear out "old stock" at greatly discounted prices. All interested club members are encouraged to pick up a bargain on the day.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

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