President's Report - December 2003

Greetings All,

The highlight of the November club meeting was undoubtedly the Powerpoint presentation made by Neil Craven on biodiesel.  Neil has set himself up to make diesel fuel in his garage by utilising used vegetable oil from cafes, restaurants and assorted take-aways.  Ethanol and caustic soda are blended with the vege oil to produce a clean, green diesel for about 30 cents per litre.  The chemistry is not too difficult, but the ethanol and caustic soda need to be handled with extreme care.  Neil has two 4WD's and two Pugs running trouble-free on the biodiesel.  Interestingly, the biodiesel can be mixed with ordinary diesel in any ratio, with no ill-effects. So, until biodiesel is commercially available, Neil has no problems on a long trip, remote from his home supply. Well done Neil.

The last club event for the year was the BBQ dinner held at our house on Saturday 6th December. The driveway was well populated with Pugs as the sun set on the rear deck.  Snags sizzled, drinks flowed freely, and kangaroos quietly grazed in the paddock next door. Good stuff!

Meanwhile back on the road, the presidential 505 is looking good again after a nice nose-job from Canberra Body Works - the club supplied a not-quite-pristine bumper to replace the one that I destroyed earlier in the year, and after a repair and respray, it's come up beautifully.  Shame about the bent number plate! 

I wish you all a safe and happy Christmas. Our next club magazine will come out in February, in time to advertise our first club activities for 2004 - club meeting and social event in late Feb/early March.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

Picture of Brad

P.S. We have been told that the annual Wheels exhibition will be held at Old Parliament House on March 7th.  More details in the February magazine.