President's Report - March 2003

Greetings All,

For those of you who were wondering!...

Yes, I really did write last month's column by candlelight in the foothills of the Himalayas. This month, I'm writing from the exotic location of Wanniassa, a few hours before departing for Toronto. However, I will be back for the club meeting on the 25th, when we will be entertained by Peter MacPherson from Complete Leathercare, in Queanbeyan. Peter will talk about restoration of leather car seats. He will bring a "ripe-for-restoration" leather car seat and some of their leathercare products, and show us what they can do.

My trip to India was most enjoyable. In fact I almost feel ripped-off, having not succumbed to the dreaded "Delhi belly", despite eating all manner of food, including "no-nos" such as unpeeled fruit. I did, however, enjoy some true-to-form Indian tourist traps such as market shopping, and being driven dangerously through Delhi in a motorised rickshaw. Overnight lay-overs in Singapore to and from Delhi, helped to make the air-travel much less tiring. After the bad all-round experience of flying with Air India two years ago, Singapore Airlines was a dream. As for Peugeots on the road in India, I saw 3 Pugs hidden in about a zillion other cars - three 309s in Chandigarh, and none in Delhi.

The day after returning from India, I joined several other club members at the annual Wheels Exhibition, this year back at Football Park, Braddon. As usual we had a pleasant day, if somewhat thin in the ranks. The club BBQ in Glebe Park the following week was well attended, and we enjoyed a perfect late summer evening.

Recently, several of us were invited to Melrose Peugeot to buy some heavily discounted spare parts they wanted to move out. I scored a tail light lens for my 505, and Bill bought quite a pile of assorted bits and pieces for his own parts stock. Thanks to Simon at Melrose, for giving the club first bite of the cherry.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

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Lisa sees the Light

There is much muttering and shaking of heads in the ranks of Renault aficionados. Can it be true, members of the Renault Owners Club of Canberra are asking each other? Lisa Molvig lured to the 'dark side' and owning a Peugeot? Surely not! Lisa's father, Jon Molvig and brother, Nils, might have been Peugeot owners of long standing but Lisa has steadfastly embraced Renaults - her beloved Renault 12 wagon in particular. Now, after 20 years, Lisa has acquired her first Peugeot - a late 70s, white, 5-speed model. She bought it for $50 in the Canberra Times. OK, it's a unisex bicycle, but it's a bargain to be sure.

P.S. Lisa has decided to expand her fleet and is in the market for a 306. Readers with any leads should give her a call...

Sculptor Trail

Remember that young Indian coachbuilder in the Peugeot advertisement laying into his Hindustan Ambassador with a sledgehammer and ramming it into a wall to make it look like a 206? Aston Martin was impressed at the thought of the huge pool of craftsmen available in India and went to downtown Mumbai to get a company called DC Design to put together its V8 Vantage concept car for the Detroit Motor Show.

Pug Spottings

A man offers a cabbie a bonus for a quick trip in a Foxtel World Movies cable TV promo clip. No problem, the driver flicks a couple of custom switches. The forward and rear extensions of his Peugeot 406 emerge and it assumes hovercraft mode, ready to GO! The clip is obviously adapted from the French hit comedy series Taxi that somehow never found a distributor in Australia.