President's Report - May 2003

Greetings All,

I finally write this column from the comfort of our new house, and with the potential to house all four family Pugs under the one roof. Unfortunately the garage will have to remain carless until Sue and I unpack and organise all the stuff that is stored in there. Maybe next month!

In last month's column, I told the sad story of having two bent Pugs in the family. The 505 recovered quickly, but the 405 took somewhat longer. However, I can happily report that the 405 is now back on the road. All new lights, bumper, bonnet, windscreen, trim etc, make the front of the car look pretty spiffy. The work was done by Hall Bros in Fyshwick, and seems to have been done to a very high standard. The car was also completely cleaned and detailed, including tyre-black.

One mysterious event occurred the day after we picked up the 405. Driving along Parkes Way, doing about 80 km/hr in 5th gear, the engine cut out, and we coasted to a halt. All attempts to restart the engine failed - the engine turned over but would not fire. After ringing NRMA road service, we sat back to await their arrival (within the hour we were told). After about 10 minutes, I decided to have another go at starting the car. On turning the key, the engine immediately leapt into life and has not missed a beat since. Weird!

Those of you who attended last month's club meeting will have doubtless picked up on some of the gardening ideas that Cedric Bryant shared with us during his super-slick slide show. Well done Cedric, and remember he offers a discount to club members.

This month's meeting at the Italo-Australian club promises to be a busy night. Lisa Molvig, secretary of the Renault Owners' Car Club, will be along to discuss planning for French Car Day, and also to tell us why she wants to buy a Peugeot 306. There will also be a video of Redex Trial highlights.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

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