President's Report - February 2005

Greetings All,

Welcome back. I trust that everyone in the club had an enjoyable Christmas break. We don't especially enjoy travelling at Christmas - too many people in all the nice places - so Sue and I spent most of our holiday in the garden, planting, mulching and landscaping. Shame about the grasshoppers though. Being on the edge of town, bordering farmland, the hoppers have invaded in numbers, eating all the tasty new growth. However, we have fought back by making protective covers of fine plastic mesh ($1.80 per metre from Spotlight) that will also protect frost sensitive plants during winter. 

Our last official club event for 2004 was the traditional December BBQ, held in Lennox Gardens, accompanied by the traditional wet weather that seems to arrive each time we meet there. Despite heavy rain until late afternoon, the dozen or so members who turned up were treated to quite pleasant conditions, and while John Phillips cooked the meat, Cedric Bryant gave a quick botanical tour of the gardens.

Another late afternoon BBQ was held at Black Mountain Peninsula, organised by Lisa Molvig via the Renault Club, on 12 January as part of the continuing series of club plate runs designed to give club-registered cars some official time on the road. Not having a January magazine to advertise the run, I emailed a few members that I thought would be interested. Indeed, Peugeots outnumbered Renault and Citroen, and the weather was hot and sunny.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

Picture of Brad