President's Report - May 2005

Greetings All,

Psst - want to buy a new Peugeot 307 Touring Wagon for $194,000? That's what you'll pay in Hong Kong where I am writing this column!!  Of course, once you allow for the exchange rate (about HKD6 = AUD1), it doesn't sound quite so outrageous.  Peugeots are rarely seen among the crowd of red Toyota taxis, buses and a high proportion of Mercedes-Benz cars in Hong Kong, but having spotted a few newish Pugs I was pretty sure there would be a dealership. A quick flick through the yellow pages and I discovered it was in Gloucester Road.

The first car dealership I found on Gloucester Road, a busy road down near the Hong Kong waterfront, was the Volvo dealer, so I asked them for where to go. Heading off in the direction indicated, and all within a few hundred metres, I passed Alfa, Lamborghini, Saab, Toyota, Subaru, and Maserati. [Short of running over a lot of toes, one can't think of too many places to drive a Lambo in Hong Kong - ed.] 

The Peugeot dealership, as it turned out, was next to a Delifrance bakery/cafe, but whether this was by design or purely by chance I do not know. In the small showroom they had six vehicles on display - 206CC, 307CC, 307SW (two), 407 sedan, and 807, ranging in price from about HKD170,000 (206CC) to HKD270,000 (807). The cheapest Pug, the 206XT has a price tag of HKD150,000, while the 607 is HKD400,000, neither of which was on display. I loitered long enough to obtain some brochures and a price list, but sadly had no room in my suitcase to bring a new Pug home... 

Meanwhile back in Canberra, I continue with more modest aspirations - Sue and I are still looking for a 306 HDi to buy and would welcome hearing from anyone with one for sale. Rest assured, I will be back for the May monthly club meeting.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

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