President's Report - November 2005

Greetings All,

At last month's club meeting Sean Patterson from Melrose Automobiles gave us an update on latest Peugeot happenings, including the Sydney Motor Show. Our thanks to Sean for an informative and enjoyable talk. The meeting was also the club AGM, with elections resulting in a nearly unchanged lineup of office-bearers for the coming 12 months.

Treasurer, Glen Bryden, in presenting the audited financial statement for 2004/05, noted that a modest increase in annual membership fees was necessary to offset increased costs (largely insurance-related). The new fees, which will take effect from January 2006, will mean an increase from $30 to $35 in the annual membership rate.

This month's club meeting will be the final one for the year, and will be held at our house at 7.30 for 8 pm on Tuesday 22nd. A light supper will be served, and our club technical officer, Bill McNamee will espouse his philosophy on owning (and maintaining) older cars (1980s and older).

While 504s and 505s have served (and continue to serve) many club members well, is it time they put out to pasture? With newer, lower mileage, more fuel-efficient models to choose for daily transport, I suspect that the answer may well be yes for some members. But I will let Bill tell the story.....

Having owned, and tinkered with Pugs for 30 years, I confess to being more able to understand and fix minor problems on older models. Newer models, with air bags, engine management systems, fuel injection etc are more challenging for amateurs like me, and I'm happy for experts like Bill to look after them. A case in point - the family 405, now being driven by one of our sons, was running rich, with the diagnostic light illuminated on the dashboard.

A quick visit to Bill, who plugged his laptop into the engine management system, allowed the fault to be immediately traced to the MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) sensor which partly controls the fuel mixture. Instantly, Bill located and remedied the cause - a split hose to the MAP sensor. The whole computer-assisted operation took about 15 minutes, while tracing a fault like this by traditional means would doubtless have taken much (much) longer.

Our final club activity for the year, jointly with the Renault club, will be a Club Plate run and Xmas BBQ picnic at Black Mt Peninsula on Sunday 27th November at 12 noon. Hope to see you there. Have a safe and enjoyable Xmas break, and keep on Pugging.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

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