President's Report - October 2005

Greetings All,

Last month I mentioned the inconvenience of not having the 505 while it was awaiting repairs after a minor accident. The delay was largely due to problems getting a replacement left front door, which the panel beater twice ordered from Melbourne, and twice was let down. The first door arrived only to discover, on stripping it down, that it was in poor condition due to previous accident damage. The second door actually never arrived, being crushed by an engine block in transit. A third door was sourced in Canberra, and duly fitted without further drama.

When I went to collect the car from the panel beater, the car had been completely resprayed down the left side. As I was about to drive off, the panel beater casually commented that since the bonnet had looked a bit ratty, he'd given that a respray as well, even though it was not damaged in the accident. I think it was his way of apologising for the delays. Now all I need is a minor accident on the right side and the car will look pretty good.

The accident itself was also a reminder that you should always seek independent witnesses, however minor the accident may be. In this instance, I had been passing a stationary car, when it pulled out (without indicating) and hit the left side of my car as I veered right to avoid it. However, when the other driver submitted her version of the accident to her insurance company, she claimed to have been driving slowly when I tried to pass her (without indicating).

There were several cars in the vicinity, whose drivers would have seen the accident but did not stop.  Since the accident was so minor, and the fault so clearly with the other driver (or so I thought), at the time I didn't think it was necessary to write down their rego numbers or ask them to stop.  Consequently I ended up with no independent witness to verify my version of the accident. As it happened, my insurance company agreed not to make me pay any excess, so I was not out of pocket. Neither was my lifetime no-claim bonus affected. Needless to say, I will be careful to seek witnesses, wherever possible, in any future accident.

Don't forget that our AGM will be held at this month's club meeting, on Tuesday 25 October at 8 pm at the Italo-Australian Club. We have also invited Sean Patterson from Melrose Automobiles to speak to us about latest industry news, including the Sydney Motor Show.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

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