President's Report - January 2006

Greetings All,

Welcome back to the club after the Christmas/New Year holiday break. In true Canberra tradition, many of you doubtless went to Canberra-on-Sea (aka Batemans Bay), or at least Somewhere-on-Sea, to surf, swim, sail or fish. Sharks, doubtless of middle eastern appearance as someone commented, were everywhere, or so we were led to believe by the media reports. However, it wasn't the fear of sharks, but rather the dislike of crowded places, that kept me at home (not to mention some major gardening projects).

I love the NSW south coast, but not to share with half of Canberra at Christmas. Having lived in Moruya in the 50s and early 60s, I have fond childhood memories of the area. Indeed, Moruya is still relatively unchanged compared with Batemans Bay, despite the fact that it seemed much bigger when I lived there. But then everything seems bigger to a child......Anyway, Sue and I will venture down the coast when the crowds have gone.

Our only trip was an overnight trip to Sydney to look at furniture, in the January sales. There is a section on the Pacific Highway from St Leonards to Crows Nest, along which it seems almost very second shop is a furniture shop, so that's where we headed. We were looking for a pair of recliner swivel chairs for a position next to the windows in our family room. Something contemporary, and not too chunky we thought, but not an easy thing to find as it turned out.

In the end, we probably found the right chairs, but with a hefty price tag (even at sale prices) that we are still considering. We would be happy to receive advice on likely sources and products. Needless to say the trip was very comfortably accomplished in our 306 HDi - after 5 months of ownership we are very pleased with every aspect of its performance.

Doubtless the highlight of the 2006 club calendar will be the Easter Pageant, which we are hosting here in Canberra - more on that next time.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

Picture of Brad