President's Report - October 2006

Greetings All,

At last month's club meeting, Ros Phillips and Victoria Westwood shared their experiences of shopping for new Peugeots. Both women currently drive non-Peugeots (a Mazda ute, in the case of Victoria, and a Toyota Starlet in the case of Ros). While neither was actively looking for a new car, I thought it would be interesting for them to evaluate the latest Pug range at Melrose Peugeot here in Canberra. Needless to say, they accepted the challenge. Though it was not the object of the challenge to evaluate the performance of Melrose sales staff, both Ros and Victoria reported most favourably on their attentiveness to customers, as well as their enthusiasm for the Peugeot marque.

Victoria, who owns a large dog (hence the ute), chose the 307 Sport as her ideal car - with the dog to sit on the back seat, presumably. Ros, who required a small "around-town" car, chose the 206C (that's the model with the glass roof). 

This month's meeting is the club AGM, including a special showing of the locally filmed short movie "The Milkman" which features the 203 ute of Alan Johnson in a starring role as the milk truck.  The meeting will be held at 8 pm on Tuesday 24 October at the Canberra Services Club in Manuka. On Sunday 29 October, we will stage an economy run for the first time in many years.

The run will be self-starting - i.e. you top up your tank at your local garage and note the odometer reading. The run will finish at the Mobil petrol station in Braidwood, where I will be on hand to supervise the refilling of your tank. Remember to fill your tank absolutely to the brim, which is what I will be doing in Braidwood, otherwise you will be disadvantaged in fuel economy calculations. Please arrange to arrive in Braidwood between 2.30 and 3.30 pm, after which we will adjourn to the band rotunda in the park for afternoon tea and presentation of economy run prizes. 

On Saturday 4 November, the club has been invited to display cars at the Telopea Park School fete, from 3pm onwards. Telopea Park is a bi-national French-Australian School, and is also the oldest public school in Canberra. Displays and activities at the fete will emphasise the unique French aspect of the school. As well as the PAC, the Renault and Citroen clubs will also be displaying vehicles, so it should be a good "froggy" car event. 

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

Picture of Brad

Footnote: Rampant white lions? Purr and Joe are 3 month-old white lion cubs, recently born at the Mogo Zoo on the South Coast. White lions are extremely rare, with their unique colour coming from a recessive gene, not from being albino. Not surprisingly, Peugeot has seized a wonderful promotional opportunity, and arranged a four-year sponsorship deal of Mogo Zoo's white lions - the two new cubs and three adults brought from South Africa in 2004.