President's Report - December 2008

Greetings All,

The annual Christmas BBQ, held at our place on Sunday 7 December, was the final club event for 2008. I'd like to thank all those club members who attended not only this event, but all the club events and meetings through the year. In particular, I thank members of the club committee, without whose efforts the club would be unable to function. Over the past few years we have held evening club meetings each month at the Canberra Services Club, which is a small, rustic club in Manuka. Recently, we have met for dinner at the club, before the meeting, and this has proved to be quite popular with members. With main courses from about $10, and a free bottle of wine for each table of four, it's hard to beat for value. So, pre-meeting dinners will be on the menu, so to speak, for 2009.

My youngest son, Geoff, has just bought another Pug to add to the family collection. Not satisfied with driving my 505 GTi Executive (he likes the handling, though), which I have replaced with a 407 diesel, Geoff has bought a relatively uncommon 405 wagon automatic. Problems with the 405 auto transmission are rife, but this car has apparently been well looked after, so it remains to be seen if the car turns out to be a good buy or not. Anyway, Geoff's purchase means that we have too many cars and not enough garages (or drivers, for that matter). Clearly, the 505 will have to find a new home early next year - look out for an ad in the February edition of RoaR.

With the holiday season upon us, I expect many of you will be travelling to see family and friends (or perhaps escaping from family and friends!). As it happens, I have been away so much this year that I would be happy to venture no further than my garden. However, my heavy schedule of overseas travel has also meant that I am well behind in mileage on the novated lease agreement for the 407. Thus, Sue and I will be doing some touring over the Christmas-New Year period in order to avert the financial penalty of FBT liability. It's a kind of strange situation - the more I drive my car, the better the tax break!

As usual, I wish you all a safe and enjoyable Christmas.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

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