President's Report - December 2009

Greetings All,

Summer must be here - the air conditioning on two of our cars is non-functional and sorely missed. In the case of the 306 HDi, the air-con still works, but the high speed fan makes a loud and unpleasant noise. "Has the car had any panel beating work, recently?" asked Bill McNamee, when he heard the noise. "Funny question to ask", I said. "Panel beaters often don't put things back together properly" explained Bill. As it happens, the 306 was involved in a minor nose to tail collision earlier this year, so Bill's theory is not so silly. The car is booked in for servicing with Bill, this week, so we shall see.

In the case of the 505, there is a leak in the cooling system, yet to be located, and the car is overheating unless driven with the heater on - not exactly pleasant on these hot days we are experiencing. Once upon a time, I drove cars without airconditioning and thought nothing of it. Indeed, in the late 1970s, I drove my 404 to and from Townsville on two separate occasions. Both I and the cars must be getting old!! On the other hand, the 404 has one of the best ventilation systems of any car I know and when cruising on the highway the car rarely became uncomfortable.

We were treated to perfect summer weather at the club Christmas BBQ earlier in the month, when we joined with the Renault and Citroen clubs at Lake Ginninderra to celebrate French cars, life, the universe and everything. Rob Howell, from Jeir Creek winery, shared his lovely sparkling shiraz and Ros Phillips passed around her yummy home-made white Christmas, while the shadows lengthened and the temperatures cooled. What a pleasant way to end the year...

I hope that all club members and their families have an enjoyable and safe Christmas. Club activities will kick off again in February.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

Picture of Brad