President's Report - September 2009

Greetings All,

As I reported in last month's column, our 306 HDi was recently the victim of a rear end collision. On the plus side, after being repaired, the car looks like new, with a very high level of finish to the paint job on the new rear bumper. In fact it nicely matches the newish front end paint job required following a minor collision earlier in the year. Car bras are rarely seen these days, even on expensive cars, but they certainly protect the most vulnerable part of a car from stone chips and insect splatter. Needless to say, they can look completely stupid, particularly the old black vinyl jobs that used to be spotted on the fronts of Porsche 911s and the like. So is it smarter to rely on regular accident repairs to keep the front of your car looking pristine?

A quick survey of a few websites reveals that the car bra is in fact very much alive, and not just in black vinyl either. The original manufacturer of car bras in Australia (Car-Bra Australia) now produces vinyl bras in more than 50 colours and for more than 5,000 models, according to their website, including a bra for the 206CC. Other companies also offer "invisible" car bras, which consist of a UV-stable polyurethane film that is claimed to be both long lasting and virtually invisible. Hmm, maybe more cars are fitted with car bras than I thought...

The presidential limo, my semi-retired black 505 GTI, was never fitted with a car bra, but was the beneficiary resprays following two minor accidents a few years back. Nowadays it gets only occasional road use and is mostly seen quietly grazing in the front garden. However, unlike many other 505s, the paint is holding up quite well and when washed (rarely) and polished (almost never) it can look quite spivvy. Once, when I was filling the car with petrol at the local servo, a bloke at the next pump said "Looks pretty good for a Torana!!" It didn't seem worth arguing with him...

Our next club meeting will be held, as usual, at the Canberra Services Club in Manuka at 8 pm on Tuesday 22 September, with dinner and drinks from 7 pm onwards. The food is cheap but good pub fare and the drinks prices are very reasonable, so why not join us to catch up on the latest Pug news?

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

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