President's Report - July 2010

Greetings All,

Club members and friends celebrated Bastille Day a few days early on Saturday 10th July at Teatro Vivaldi restaurant on the ANU campus. As per last year, the food and wine were excellent, and a good time was had by all. Rick Phillips and John Bower showed great staying power by tackling one of the largest desserts, cunningly served in a huge, long stemmed glass, with a spoon that could barely reach the bottom of the glass. Driving up to Sydney is a bit of a doddle these days, remembering as I do, the slow, winding Hume Highway of old. In the 1960s it was almost a day's drive, which included the delights of slowly traversing the infamous Razorback hill near Picton, usually in the exhaust fumes of many trucks.

The drive to Sydney is easy because the road is so good, but I find that it helps to have cruise control to make it even easier. Sadly, on a recent trip, the cruise control on our 407 went AWOL and I had to suffer the trip without it. Well, not entirely - the cruise control worked as a speed limiter and instead of holding a constant, chosen speed, it refused to let me go above that speed. Nice way to avoid traffic fines, but not really how it was intended to work! Bill McNamee will investigate at the next service. On the way back from Sydney, we only had one stop - to join the throng of people stopped at Lake George to admire the zebras. They are totally incongruous artwork in the context of the Aussie landscape, but definitely a crowd puller.

On Thursday 29 July, the Peugeot Redex Tribute will be in town, at Melrose Peugeot from 8.30 am, complete with Mark Baretta from the Channel 7 Sunrise Program. PAC members are invited to attend and enjoy a light breakfast and coffee. Sadly I am away that week, undertaking research in the highlands of New Guinea, where they are definitely no TV crews (well, not usually, anyway). I will also miss the monthly club meeting on Tuesday 27 July at the Canberra Services Club at 8 pm, with dinner as usual from 7 pm. I will report further on my New Guinea adventure in next month's column.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

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