President's Report - November 2010

Greetings All,

Where did the year go? As I grow older, time seems to go ever faster, which is probably true of many cars, too. A popular transplant has always been to fit a 403 engine to a 203, which turns a slowish car into a not-so-slowish car. My first 203 sedan, many years ago, had a 403 engine with twin carbs and could pull away from the lights in 2nd gear (and embarrass a lot of cars, like Volvos). In fact, with no synchromesh on first gear, it was easier just to forget about first gear altogether. My currently-owned 203 wagon also has a 403 engine, but my black 203 sedan is destined to remain with its original motor, despite being very slow on hills. Sometimes, it's good to keep a car as original as possible, which proved to be the case at the recent French Car Day event at Telopea School where my black 203 was voted best Peugeot for the 2nd year running.

I promised, during the drought over the past several years, that I would never complain about too much rain if the drought ended. Well, the drought has ended and not only is it reflected in the rain gauge in my garden, but there is a musty, wet-dog smell inside some of the family cars. Most of my driving life, I have had leaky Pugs, to the point where it seemed like all Pugs came with factory-installed leaks. Happily I can report that my 407 does not fit into the leaky-Pug category and driving in wet weather is much more enjoyable as a result. My only mild complaint is that the auto wipers don't cope well with light rain - they still do too many sweeps to the point of screeching on dry glass, which is not a pleasant sound.

This month's club meeting will be held at the Canberra Services Club at 8 pm on Tuesday 23rd November, with dinner from 7 pm, as usual. Actually, last month's dinner was slightly irregular - the dining room at CSC was closed, so we nipped up the road and had dinner at an Asian Cafe before reconvening at the CSC for the club AGM. Needless to say, all incumbent office-holders were re-elected unopposed, which means they are probably doing a good job (which they are), but a bit of new blood on the committee would be welcome!

We plan to finish the year with a Christmas BBQ to be held, jointly with the Renault Club, at 6 pm on Sunday 5 December at Macdermott Place, Lake Ginninderra. The club will provide meat, salads and breads; but only if you register with me by Friday 3rd December. BYO drinks and Christmas goodies.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

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