President's Report - October 2010

Greetings All,

Spring has sprung, so it must be AGM time again. Indeed, the Club Annual General Meeting will be held at 8pm on Tuesday 26 October at the Canberra Services Club in Manuka. Dinner will be from 7pm, as usual. I encourage all club members to attend both the dinner and the AGM. If you haven't been to a club meeting for a while, then take the opportunity to come along and catch up with old friends.

"All good things must come to an end", or so the saying goes. After 10 years of excellent, reliable service my much-loved black 1985 505 GTI Executive has been retired from active service. With only 380,000 km on the clock, the motor was still in good nick, but the 3 speed auto gearbox was starting to slip. Neville Summerill, the new owner, has put the car in storage while he decides what to do with yet another 505.

When I bought the 505, it had been sitting in someone's back yard for several months with a broken cam belt (and badly bent valves). Bill did the head and I replaced a couple of tyres and it went straight through rego. Buying a 15 year old car with nearly 220,000 km on the clock seemed like lunacy to a non-Peugeot friend of mine (he had a tasteless Commodore) and he said so in no uncertain terms. However, when he finally got a ride in it, a couple of years later, he had to admit that it "wasn't too bad".

Two sons learned to drive in the 505 and both enjoyed the interested looks they got when it was on the road. With a lion on the front grille, it was easily mistaken for a late model Torana (shudder! Ed.) at first glance and the combination of black colour, sun roof, alloy wheels and understated rear spoiler definitely made it a boy's car.

Recently, Sue and I drove down to Melbourne, not in our 407, which is our normal touring car, but in a 307 HDi Touring wagon (6 speed manual) recently acquired by another member of the extended family. The wagon was needed to transport a wine fridge, which would not have fitted in the 407. I had test-driven a 307 Touring wagon a couple of years ago, but had never driven one any distance. While not as comfortable as the 407, it was comfortable enough, and the miles passed easily as we cruised down he Hume Highway. However, to tell the truth, I reckon six gears is one too many, and I would have been just as happy with five.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

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