President's Report - November 2011

Greetings All,

French Car Day was held at Telopea Park School fete on the afternoon of Saturday 5th November. It was lovely warm, sunny, spring day, with an excellent line-up of Citroens, Renaults and Pugs. Sue and I took our two black cars which are 62 years apart in age (1949 203 and 2011 508). For the third year running the 203 was voted best Peugeot, though the 508 drew many admiring looks, too.

Yet again, I did not win a trip for two to Paris in the raffle, or any of the other prizes, despite having what I thought would be a very lucky ticket - the last ticket sold before the raffle was drawn. C'est la vie!.. Alan Johnson had his 403 Cabriolet there, as well. It's a cut-and-shut conversion of a sedan, but with a bit of sprucing up it would be quite a looker. On the other hand, Lieutenant Colombo was always happy to knock about in a tatty 403 cab in the famous TV detective series. Anyway, Al's car is for sale for anyone interested in owning a very unusual vehicle.

An interesting feature of the fete was the Air Force Balloon right next to the Pugs line-up - in fact, right next to my 508. Well, not a balloon as such (it was a bit too breezy to inflate the balloon), but a basket and burners which attracted a steady stream of children (and big kids), eager to climb in and turn on the burners. The noise and the heat were somewhat unwelcome at close quarters on an already warm afternoon, but it was clearly a big hit with fete-goers. The Air Force balloons are based in Canberra with No. 28 Squadron and are in big demand for events such as school fetes, charity events and the like. The good news is that there is no hire fee - the Air Force considers such events to be good publicity. The bad news is that they are heavily booked months in advance.

Just before the Telopea fete, I took the 508 through a car wash but was disappointed when a prominent spot of bird poo remained cemented to the bonnet. When I got home I gave the spot another wash but there was still a prominent mark. So, I pulled out an old bottle of Selley's tar and bug remover and gave the spot a rub. However, the result was rather shocking - a very scratched patch on my shiny new car.

When I nipped into Melrose Peugeot for advice the next day, dealer principal, Domenic Alvaro, directed me to Morris Car Detailing in the old Phillip bus sheds, where I had a quick chat with a helpful bloke called Craig. I was in a bit of a hurry, so he told me to come back the next morning (Saturday). On my return, Craig got to work and the bonnet scratches disappeared. He then gave the whole bonnet a polish and I was soon on my way - no charge. There is still a slight blemish from the bird poo, but it's barely noticeable. The moral of the story is don't let bird droppings stay on your car - they etch the paint.

Craig recommends washing your car once a week with a good quality product (Turtle Wax or Merguiar's, for example) as well as a twice-yearly polish. It was a pleasure dealing with Craig at Morris Car Detailing, so I'm giving a free plug for the business. Their address is Grenville Court, Phillip and their phone numbers are 6232 4099 or 0412 099205.

Sadly, I will miss our next club meeting - Sue and I are taking a holiday in South America. However, the meeting will still be held at 8pm on Tuesday 22 November at the Irish Club in Western Creek, with dinner from 7pm. As usual, there will be good company and plenty to talk about, so I encourage your attendance. The audited Treasurer's report, held over from last month's AGM will also be presented.

The final event of the year will year will be a club Christmas BBQ in Lennox Gardens on Wednesday 14 December. In keeping with tradition, the club will provide meat, salad and bread and participants can bring drinks and Christmas goodies to suit.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

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