President's Report - March 2012

Greetings All,

The first club meeting of the year, last month, was a great success, at our new venue, the Weston Club, in Liardet St, Weston. The Weston Club, previously Royals Rugby Club, is part of the Canberra Raiders Group of clubs, but you don’t have to be a rugby league fan to join! Quite a few other community clubs and organisations use the Weston Club for meetings and I think we will find a happy home there, too. I paid $5 to join for 12 months and immediately received a $5 drinks voucher, as did others who joined on the night. As usual, we had dinner before the meeting, in the bar/bistro area of the club, and I must say I was quite impressed with the food – far better than the food we have had at other recent venues, but still at a reasonable price. After dinner, we adjourned to an upstairs meeting room and welcomed two new members – Lynne Duckham and John Geremin.

I’m also pleased to report that, Rick Phillips was elected as an Honourary (Life) member of the club in recognition of his long and much appreciated stint as Club Secretary. Congratulations, Rick. So, those of you who have not been a club meeting for a while – why not join us at the Weston Club this month? I can thoroughly recommend it! We meet on Tuesday 27 March at 7pm for dinner, followed by the meeting at 8pm.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to vacuum and wash my new car once a week – being all black, the 508 certainly needs this regular attention to keep it looking good. So far I’ve stuck to my resolution, and with the Easter Pageant looming, it should be easy to prepare the 508 for the Pageant concourse. I’m not sure how many club members are going to the Pageant in Young, but it promises to be a great weekend. This week I took the Motorkhana trophy into a local trophy shop to have the PAC’s name engraved on the winners’ list – we won the Pageant motorkhana last year and I’m rather hoping we can defend our title this year. Boydie – where are you?

While I was cleaning the car the other day, I killed a White Tail spider on the inside of the windscreen. I had never noticed them at home until earlier this year, when I was bitten on the foot by an unknown assailant. My foot became quite numb around the bite and there was localised swelling. By the next day, there was extensive bruising, the swelling had not subsided and I felt a bit nauseous. At first I thought it had been a Redback spider bite, since Redbacks are common around our house, but the symptoms didn’t seem right – no sharp pain, for example.

Then, as I was sitting in the kitchen, a White Tail spider scurried across the floor, just near where I had been bitten the day before. I’ve since done some reading on White Tails – they are common in southeast Australia but not very big (up to around 20mm long), so they go unnoticed. Most people get bitten inside, in the evening and mostly they get bitten in bed! Bite symptoms vary enormously and there is a lot of talk (on the web – pun intended!) about necrotic lesions as a result of White Tail bites, though necrotic effects are not supported by careful medical studies, I’m pleased to say. Clearly, I survived being bitten, but it’s made me much more vigilant. Frequent house and car vacuuming is good, I think!

Keep on Pugging and watch out for White Tail spiders!

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

Picture of Brad