President's Report - July 2013

Greetings All,

My wife, Sue, and I have just returned from 3 weeks travelling in Western Australia, including two weeks north of the Tropic of Capricorn (aka the winterless north). After flying to Perth, our transport was a Toyota 4WD Troop Carrier – not exactly Peugeot comfort, but admirable for the purpose of travelling on a mix of sealed and unsealed roads in areas that had experienced unseasonable recent heavy rain (Karratha had 200mm in one day, only a week or two before we arrived). The winterless north certainly lived up to expectation, with shorts and T-shirt weather the order of the day (sunny days with maximum temps between 20° and 28°), though nights were a bit chilly on occasion. Just as well, really, as we were camping most of the time.

Some of the places that we stayed included:

So, here we are back in cold, wet Canberra...The morning after returning, I jumped in the 508 and pressed the start button only to be met with silence and a dashboard message saying ‘key not detected’. Hmm...since I had the key in my pocket, that message seemed a bit odd, so I rang the Peugeot roadside assistance number. A service guy (not a Peugeot specialist, I might add) turned up in about 30 minutes and we scratched our collective heads. Then he put a battery pack on and tested the battery – the battery was good, but appeared to have run down in the 3 weeks I had been away. Anyway, the car was successfully started and I was on my way. Still not sure why a less than two year old battery would have lost that much charge in only three weeks…

On a brighter note, with the winter solstice now a month in the past, the days are getting significantly longer and the risk of hitting a roo at dawn or dusk will diminish as we get to travel to and from work in daylight. That said, I’d like to encourage members to take the risk and come to the next (after dark) club meeting to be held at 8pm at the Weston Club, with dinner from 7pm, on Tuesday 23 July.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

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