President's Report - June 2013

Greetings All,

Great news – French forces gained a glorious victory over the British in the annual Battle of Waterloo event, held on Sunday 9 June.

The battlefield was on the Rond Terraces, overlooking Lake Burley Griffin, at the south end of ANZAC Parade. Fog provided a dramatic early backdrop to the battle, but as the morning wore on, the fog cleared to reveal a perfect, sunny day. With hardly a breath of wind (unlike last year), the setting was picture-perfect and by early afternoon the battle was won in a close fought contest. With the winner decided on vehicle numbers, though who could doubt the superior quality of the French cars, I think the official result was something like 39 to 35 in favour of the French. Numbers may have been down somewhat on previous years, perhaps because it was a long weekend and many Canberrans headed to the coast.

My wife, Sue, and I ran the club BBQ, making a small profit which will be used to subsidise the annual Bastille Day lunch, to be held at Le Très Bon Restaurant, in Bungendore on Sunday 21 July at 12 noon. Please phone (0427-662112) or email (brad. [email protected]) me if you wish to attend. Those of you who have been to this French restaurant previously, will know that it is top class and being truffle season there will be extra delicacies on offer. It was particularly pleasing to have two Redex Rerun cars in the lineup – Colin Handley’s 203 van and Dave Rowell’s 403 wagon – only just back from the end of the rally.

On Friday 7 June, the Redex Rerun cars had come through Canberra for the last leg to Sydney the next day. Staying overnight, drivers (and cars) gathered at Melrose Peugeot for an early evening BBQ and check in. Highlight of the evening, apart from the cars, was the stroppy Honda dealer next door, who insisted that cars could not park outside his premises, despite the fact that he was closing up for the evening (and we were probably on public property, anyway). In any case it was great to catch up with participants, see their cars and hear stories of the trip.

I was given a Michelin safety advice brochure when I purchased a new tyre, recently. The guide says, among other things:

For complete control, fit your new tyres to the rear axle. Rear wheels are not connected to your steering wheel, which makes it extremely difficult to judge their grip while driving. So for your safety, always fit new, or the least worn, tyres to the rear wheel positions to ensure:

  • Better control in emergency braking or tight corners
  • Less risk of losing control of your vehicle, especially on wet surfaces
  • Better road holding, particularly in difficult situations, whether your car is front or rear wheel drive

The next club meeting will be held at the Weston Club, at 8 pm on Tuesday 25 June at 8pm, with dinner, as usual, from 7pm. With the winter solstice behind us, the days will be getting longer, but not necessarily warmer. Nevertheless, I encourage member to come along and enjoy some good mid-winter cheer in the comfortable (and warm) surroundings of the Weston Club. Sadly, I will miss the June club meeting – Sue and I will be somewhere north of Perth, on our way to Karratha, where we expect to enjoy warm days and nights for a few weeks. There will be a brief report of our adventures in next month’s column.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

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