President's Report - September 2013

Greetings All,

I watched it coming, in slow motion – the truck in front of me had flicked up a rock and it was heading directly towards the middle of my windscreen. It made a direct hit about one third of the way up from the base, leaving a characteristic star-shaped chip. When I got home, I had a closer look – it was a shallow chip and I decided that it was nothing to worry about.

That was a couple of months ago and I had completely forgotten about it until I noticed, recently that a crack, about 15cm long, had propagated upwards from the chip. What a bugger – if only I’d had it repaired two months ago. So, I checked with my insurance company, APIA. Oops, my policy does not have windscreen cover. In fact, APIA must be one of the few insurance companies not to offer it all. “It’s probably coming by the end of the year”, I was told by the woman at the desk. “Big deal”, I thought.

With a standard excess of $500 on my policy, and a windscreen likely to cost more than that, it seems I will be making a claim and paying the $500. Then I checked the cost of a new windscreen for a 508 at Melrose Peugeot – surprisingly low at $600, plus fitting (a 407 screen is more than double that, apparently).

They recommended Novus as the best people to do the job, so back I went to APIA. “Can I choose my own repairer?” I asked them. Answer – probably not, but I need to make more enquiries. What a bloody circus……. Fortunately the crack is a hairline, invisible unless I look really closely. Maybe I should consider changing to another insurance company which offers windscreen cover and then making a claim on them!

Last week as I was about to get into the 508 in a carpark in Woden, when a noticed a bloke looking a bit interested. “Do you like it?” I said. Yep, he thought it was a fine looking car. “Ever owned a Peugeot?”I asked. No, but he’d hired a 406 in Europe a few years back and had been very impressed, particularly with the fuel economy. I mentioned some figures for the 508, noting a best of 4.6 l/100 km on a trip to Newcastle. He seemed keen, so I mentioned the price of a new 508, noting that it was about half the price of a 5 series BMW. He seemed even more impressed. Hopefully I have converted another non-believer to the faith……

Speaking of the faith, I recently read a story, in the Canberra Times, about well known actress Catherine Zeta-Jones (married, until recently, to Michael Douglas). According to the story, she lives in New York and “dresses down” when she’s not in the public gaze. “Dressing down”, was reported to include spending “the vast majority of the day in flip-flops” and driving her children to school in a Peugeot. No mention of model, though.

The next club meeting will be held at 8pm on Tuesday 24 September at the Weston Club, with dinner, as usual, from 7pm. Come along for a drink and a bite to eat, and catch up on the latest local, national and international Pug gossip.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

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