President's Report - April 2014

Greetings All,

Just when I thought that the repair of our accident damaged 306 was done and dusted – wrong! The spare wheel holder has been replaced and the spare wheel is back where it belongs, but sadly the towbar is still missing in action. Last month I reported that the panel beater had repaired the damaged towbar – that turned out not to be the case. It seems that he chickened out of repairing the damaged towbar because the bar had been fractured and could be unsafe, even if repaired. Instead he has been scouring the country for a towbar, new or second hand. One was sourced, but turned out not to fit, so it’s back to square one. I’m guessing that the insurance company will get tired of this treasure hunt and simply pay me out for the missing towbar. In other words, it will become my problem, not theirs. Then, I will either hunt around myself or simply pay someone to make one up. I will give you an update next month…

Fortunately, a friend has left his Toyota Hilux with us for a few months. Not only does it have a towbar but we can also put stuff in the trayback. The Hilux has already taken a couple of loads of green waste to the tip, and pulled a couple of trailer loads of soil and mulch for the garden. These jobs are normally accomplished with the 306, which is a perfect tow vehicle for our 6 x 4 box trailer.

Over Easter, with family members visiting, our driveway briefly filled up with more Pugs – a 406 diesel (eldest son), 505 GTi (youngest son) and a 3008, the latter a surprise recent purchase by my sister and her husband. I say ‘surprise’ because they have not previously owned a Pug. It turns out that they had rented a 3008 in France recently, and loved it so much they decided to buy one. Consulting the Pug specialist in the family (me) seemed unnecessary, apparently. I hope that means one more car for the Battle of Waterloo on Sunday 15 June.

Also over Easter, I happened to watch an episode of the TV series ‘Death in Paradise’ which screens on ABC on Saturday nights. Described as a crime comedy-drama, the program is a joint UKFrench production filmed on the Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe. The plot centres on a British cop, sent to work on the fictitious Caribbean Island of Sain Marie, supposedly a British Overseas Territory in which about 30% of the people are of French descent. What caught my eye in the episode, at Easter, was the 504 cabriolet being driven by a hotel receptionist, apparently financing her nice taste in cars by selling black market cigarettes. Obviously a very lucrative business if she could swan around in a 504 cab.

With the complications of Easter and ANZAC Day holidays, it seemed wise to postpone the April club meeting until Tuesday 29th. Normally the club meeting is held on the 4th Tuesday of each month, which would have been Tuesday 22nd, jammed into a short working week when many people may have been away. All club members were advised of the change of date by email, so I look forward to catching up with some of you at the Raiders Weston Club on Tuesday the 29th As usual, dinner and drinks will be from 7 pm, followed by the club meeting at 8 pm.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

Picture of Brad