President's Report - June 2014

Greetings All,

The weather forecast was so miserable – rain and cold – that a decision was made to postpone the annual Battle of Waterloo event, scheduled for 15 June, to a later date, probably sometime in August. All club members were sent an email to confirm that the event been postponed, so I hope no-one turned up, in expectation, on the day.

Acting on a rumour that the British side was being equipped with pith helmets, we had decided to fight back with berets. Colin Handley contacted a company who had supplied berets to the club some years back, and we were informed that there were currently only two colours available – camel and hot pink. Colin opted for camel colour, only to be told that their stock of camel-coloured berets had been misplaced, so we settled on 20 hot pink berets @ $5 each.

If nothing else, 20 lucky French combatants will be kitted out with hot pink berets at the rescheduled event in August. While a French force, spearheaded by “Les Bérets Roses” isn’tlikely to have the enemy quaking in their pith helmets, we will certainly stand out from the crowd! Recently, Sue and I drove up to Sydney, to catch up with a few family members. We stayed in a very comfortable hotel, in Victoria Street, just a few hundred metres from Kings Cross Station and enjoyed an excellent Saturday night dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant, on the fringe of the infamous red light district.

Parking was at a premium, when we arrived, so I took the first available parking space on the street and we walked along the road in search our hotel. As we were looking for street numbers, we briefly loitered outside a rather seedy looking backpackers place (every second building seemed to be a backpackers), then walked another 50m to find our hotel. A woman, who had followed us along the footpath, commented as we went up the hotel steps. “Much better choice”, she said!

We also set a new benchmark for low fuel consumption in our 508 on the Sydney trip: 4.5 litres/100 km on the way up, and 5.2 litres/100 km for the whole trip (635 km, including Sydney city driving). As announced at last month’s club meeting, the PAC has been asked to host next year’s Easter Pageant. Actually I probably should call it the ‘Peugeot Pageant’, because there are moves afoot to move the event away from Easter, to ease the inevitable accommodation difficulties that invariably plague Easter travel.

At this early stage, we are looking at holding the event on the first weekend after Easter, which would be over the weekend of 11-12 April. Since many attendees are retired or semi-retired and most others can get time off work, the pageant would still follow the usual format – arrive on Friday and depart on Monday.

My first preference is to hold the Pageant in Yass, only 50 km north of Canberra. To that end, I have contacted the Yass tourist information centre to ask for their assistance in scoping the event. Further details will be available next month after the PageantCommittee has fully assessed the venue options. As usual our monthly meeting will be held at the Raiders Weston Club, at 8 pm on Tuesday 24 June, with dinner and drinks from 7 pm. As well as the pageant, we will also be discussing arrangements for the annual Bastille Day lunch to be held in mid July.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

Picture of Brad