President's Report - August 2015

Greetings All,

Unfortunately I missed last month’s club meeting – I was in Japan that week, attending a conference in Nagoya, where I managed to spot only one Peugeot (a lonely 308 wagon) during the 9 days I was there. Admittedly I mostly travelled on the subway, and travelled from Nagoya to Tokyo on the Shinkansen (bullet train), but I saw plenty of cars around Nagoya Station each day, so my survey was based on substantial numbers. Japan is clearly not a big market for Peugeot. Summer temperatures in Nagoya reached 35 degrees most days and never fell below 25 degrees at night, plus it was very humid. Coming back to a Canberra winter was therefore a bit of a shock, including snow on one day. Just as well I have heated seats in my new 508! Yes, it’s true – I have a new car.

I bought my black 508 Allure in mid 2011, immediately after the 508 model was released. Indeed, it was the first and only 508 sedan on Canberra roads for about 3 months because supply was very limited.

After 4 years the car had only done 80,000 km and was running beautifully, but an end-of-financial year deal on another 508 was too good to pass up. The car I purchased was a 2014 Allure, with the same diesel/6 speed auto configuration.

It’s not the ‘facelift model’ that was released several months ago, but I decided that I preferred the lines of the earlier model and the other small changes (e.g. reversing camera) on the new model were neither here nor there for me. Plus there was the considerable discount (around $6,500) on the superseded model to take into account…

So, what’s different about my new car? Very little except for Sat Nav, heated seats and a different colour (Egyptian Blue). I certainly wasn’t about to give up my highly prized number plate (LE508), so that was transferred to the new car. Oops, I almost forgot another important difference – the new car has done 80,000 km less than my old one! And, knowing that I had coveted the Peugeot Monopoly set in the Pug merchandise display cabinet at Melrose Peugeot, they kindly included one with the car.

Before I took delivery of the new 508, I paid to have paint and leather protection. The product that Melrose Peugeot recommended was Ceramic Coat paint protection, developed by the Williams F1 team, which comes with a lifetime guarantee and, according to the product brochure, means that I won’t need to polish the car – regular washing with soap and water is all that is supposedly required.

Certainly the paintwork feels really slick after the treatment and augers well for easy removal of bugs and bird droppings. We shall see, but it looks a whole lot better than a car-bra for front paint protection. I have now done just over 1000 km in the new 508 at an average fuel consumption of 6.7 litres/100 km, including a mixture of city and country driving. My previous 508 was averaging 6.2 litres/100 km under similar driving conditions, so I expect an improvement in fuel economy as the car is ‘run in’.

The next club meeting will be held at the Raiders Weston Club at 8 pm on Tuesday 25 August, with dinner and drinks from 7 pm. With rapidly lengthening days, why not join us and celebrate the impending end of winter?

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

Picture of Brad