President's Report - May 2015

Greetings All,

Good news – after paying all the bills for the Yass Pageant, last month, I am pleased to report that the Pageant was close to cost-neutral for the club, which for an overall budget of over $8,000 is an excellent result.

One of the prizes awarded at the Yass Pageant was a Peugeot-branded Monopoly game, kindly donated by Melrose Peugeot. Richard and Kay Marken won it (photo courtesy Phil Torode) for the top car in the concours – their spectacular, yellow 504 Cabriolet. I would have quite liked to win that prize, so I may decide to buy one for myself when I next visit the showroom at Melrose Peugeot.

Ever since the Pageant, I had noticed an annoying background noise coming from under my 508. It was something like a light drumming sound, almost a grumble, accompanied by a slightly lumpy ride, like the tyres weren’t quite round.

Indeed, when the car went in for its 80,000 km service recently, the mechanics reported that the rear tyres were ‘scalloped’ and in need of replacement. The next day, I had two new Michelins fitted and the problem disappeared. The tyres had been on the car since new, so I reckon I got my money’s worth in terms of wear and distance travelled.

While the 508 was being serviced at Melrose Peugeot’s new workshop facility in Fyshwick, I was once again given the opportunity to drive the 3 cylinder 1.2 litre turbo petrol 308, and once again I was impressed with its performance. I could even become a convert to stop-start technology if it means improved fuel economy, especially as unleaded petrol jumped 10 cents/litre to around 142 cents/litre last week.

Fortunately diesel fuel is not subject to such savage price fluctuations, and the price remains around 132 cents/litre. But, as my wife, Sue, reminded me recently, it’s only cheap if you actually put it in a diesel car. I should explain that, while on a recent trip to Mildura, Sue accidently filled her 308 HDi with petrol. Fortunately, although there is no Peugeot dealer in Mildura, there is a good diesel service centre and the 308 was efficiently fixed after checking with Melrose Peugeot that the warranty on the car would not be voided – it wasn’t.

Meanwhile, back in Canberra, the annual Battle of Waterloo event will be held on Sunday 21 June, from 10 am to 3 pm. This year we will be returning to the Rond Terraces, beside the lake, at the south end of ANZAC Parade. Entry to the site is from Constitution Avenue, via Wendouree Drive, and look for entry signs near Blundell’s Cottage – see calendar for full details.

Last year, the French forces had a resounding win over the British forces, so all PAC members are encouraged to come along and swell the French ranks for this 200th anniversary of the famous battle.

Entry is free and is open to all French car owners, regardless of whether they are club members. Hot pink berets will again be recommended head-wear for the French forces. Many PAC members already have a pink beret, but those who don’t need not despair – berets will be available for purchase (only $5) on the day. Participants are also required to have a drip tray under their cars.

The next club meeting will be held on Tuesday 26 May at 8pm at the Raiders Weston Club, with drinks, as usual, from 7pm. Please join us.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

Picture of Brad