President's Report - June 2016

Greetings All,

Good news: This year’s winter solstice (shortest day of the year) has passed – it was on 21 June – so the days are getting longer (though not necessarily warmer). Unusually, the solstice also coincided with a full moon, which doesn’t happen very often – the last time was in 1967, the year my 404 was made, and the next time will be 2062 when my 404 will be nearly 100 years old.

Bad news: the weather gods did not smile on us for the annual Battle of Waterloo which was due to be held on Sunday 19 June. The forecast was for heavy rain, so the organisers reluctantly decided to postpone the event until later in the year. I doubt that the original Battle of Waterloo would have been postponed because of adverse weather!

One of the tasks that I have to undertake, as Club Registrar, at this time of year, is an annual audit of all H-plated (historic) vehicles in the club – or at least those registered in the ACT. The concessional registration scheme (CRS) allows owners of veteran (pre-1919), vintage (1919-1930) and historic (1931- 1986) vehicles to register their vehicles for a greatly reduced fee – subject to certain strict conditions of usage. The scheme is jointly administered by the ACT Road Transport Authority and the Council of ACT Motor Clubs, to whom the club pays an annual affiliation fee.

As of June 2016, the PAC has 12 members’ cars registered as historic vehicles (more than 30 years old), ranging from a 1953 203 to a 1985 505 GTi (the Pillans family 1949 203 is registered in NSW and is therefore not part of the ACT CRS).

To register a car as part of the CRS, I undertake an annual vehicle inspection and sign a CRS form which must be provided, by the owner, to the RTA, when the vehicle is re-registered. My inspection includes assessment of any modifications to the car, its general condition and a check of the vehicle logbook which must be kept as part of the CRS scheme.

The spirit of the CRS is to provide a way for older vehicles, which are used on a limited basis by their owners, to be kept roadworthy and to be driven to approved club events, without incurring exorbitant registration fees. As well as club events, CRS vehicles can be taken on “occasional test runs” of up to 40 km radius, with the generally accepted definition of “occasional” being no more than once or twice a month. There is also a limit of 3,000 km per year, which can be checked against the vehicle log book.

I suspect that there may be more PAC members who could take advantage of the CRS. Please contact me if you wish to consider registering one or more of your vehicles as part of the scheme. Many 505s and 205s are now more than 30 years old. There are already two 505s in the CRS and I look forward to seeing a 205 join the ranks sometime soon.

Our next club meeting will be held at the Raiders Weston Club on Tuesday 28 June, at 8 pm, with dinner and drinks from 7 pm. Unfortunately, I will be in Adelaide next week, but that should not deter people from attending - the bistro serves good food and drinks at reasonable prices and, as always, you can enjoy the company of an enthusiastic group of Peugeotphiles. In July, we will celebrate Bastille Day at a time and place to be confirmed.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

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