President's Report - September 2016

Greetings All,

The rescheduled Battle of Waterloo event was finally held on Sunday 4 September, but not without some last minute twists and turns. With wet spring weather following on from a very wet winter we almost had to postpone the event again. On the afternoon of Thursday 1 September, Barry McAdie (President, Renault Owners Club) and I did an inspection of the proposed Weston Park site, with an ACT government representative. The grassy area, allocated for BOW was soft and we needed to be certain that cars would not chop up the grass, resulting in an expensive repair bill. With further heavy rain forecast, on the following day Barry made the decision to abandon Weston Park and move the event to a hard-surface site – but where could we go at such short notice?

The carpark at The Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex (CDSCC) at Tidbinbilla turned out to be an inspired last minute choice. The rain magically cleared and participants enjoyed a sparkling, sunny spring day against the scenic backdrop of mountains and framed by a selection of large radio dishes up to 70m in diameter.

CDSCC is one of three NASA-Deep Space Network stations around the world, the others being located at Goldstone in California and near Madrid, in Spain. The Canberra station was originally opened in 1965 and is managed for NASA by CSIRO. In 1965, it helped receive the first close-up pictures of Mars, taken by the Mariner 4 spacecraft. Since then it has been involved in hundreds of space missions, including the Apollo missions to the Moon, the Skylab Space Station and early Space Shuttle flights. More recently it has been involved in more Mars missions including the Curiosity and Opportunity rovers that have revealed stunning new images and information about the surface of the red planet – sorry, no little green men have yet been detected.

Anyway, back to the Battle of Waterloo. Sadly the British forces had the superior numbers on the day, with the final count being (I think) 32 Brits to 29 Frogs. It was close! In fact, according to Barry McAdie, that makes it a tie over all the BOWs that we have held – 6 wins apiece and 1 draw. My thanks to Barry, who once again shouldered much of the responsibility for organising the event, and also to our sponsors, Shannons. Next year PAC members, Maia Parker- Sloan and Mitch Jamieson-Curran, have offered to organise the event, with possible venues already being assessed.

Our next club meeting will be held at 8 pm on Tuesday 27 September at the Raiders Weston Club, with dinner and drinks, as usual, from 7 pm.

And, finally, another reminder about next year’s Peugeot Pageant – expressions of interest are invited for the 2017 Peugeot Pageant, which is being organised by the Peugeot Car Club of Victoria. The pageant will be held in Merimbula on the NSW south coast from Friday 21 to Monday 24 April 2017.

Keep on Pugging,

Brad Pillans

Picture of Brad