Redex Rerun and French Car Day

20 July 2003

Seldom has French Car Day been such an auspicious occasion as in July 2003. Coinciding with the Redex Re-run cars starting the final leg of the round-Australia rally from nearby Old Parliament House, the day brought out a host of Peugeot, Renault and Citroen owners. The weather may have been overcast, but at least the rain held off for an enjoyable day

Old Parliament House was abuzz from early in the morning as crowds gathered to inspect the cars before they headed off to Sydney after their 11,000 kilometre rerun of the first Redex 50 years ago.

Some of the Redex cars drove over to the French Car Day display before driving to Sydney. While the large passing crowd regrettably might have been denied the opportunity to inspect new Peugeots, there was nonetheless a fine display of older Peugeots on display.

Best Peugeot went to Bob Edwards and his rare and lovely 403 van, LE-403. Bob also took out the Lew Edwards trophy for the best restoration. Best Renault went to Jim Brigden's Dauphine Gordini.

Best Citroen went to Ian Green's CX. Best Rare French Car went to Rob Woolley's superb 1909 Renault. Best Overall Car went, yet again, to Gerry Carson's magnificent Light Fifteen.